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Our Agro-Allied Company

We’re a World-Leading Provider of Organically Prepared Products



Emperor Kuye Farms.

Emperor Kuye  Farms is an indigenous farm focused on Poultry farming, fishery, snail and Cattle rearing. We are agile constantly focused on growing a better eco-system and producing 100% farm Produce. Our firm helps meet the needs with high standards breaking down the process and  providing innovative solutions to help the Agro-Allied Business. Currently, we grow and sell Organically Prepared products live stocks, chickens and eggs and others. Our team of professional do all the works diligently.

Our Areas of Specialization
choose Rightly

Our Livestock's are Grown with Great Care and Love for Nature

100% Organic

Our Live Stocks are grown with the best of feeds and top notch drugs, and vaccinations

High Quality

We pride ourselves with the best standards and practice.

Always Fresh

We serve it all fresh and we know the benefits.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us

Our Poultry Products Are Very Affordable And Nutritious

We work with trusted hands and this has really helped in our productions The average Nigerian are our target customer in providing the best quality poultry services we can render.

Top Quality Eggs
Farm Live
Poultry Waste
Choose Organic

We are a leading agro-allied company providing farm produce for every home

What we Offer

Nutritious Eggs For Everyone

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 We sell both jumbo, medium and small eggs sizes at affordable prices

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We take every customer with optimist priority

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